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Arts & Culture Webinar 2020

Fourth Annual Arts & Culture Summit 2022

The Fourth Annual Arts & Culture Summit will be held on September 20, 2022 at Cove Street Arts. Save the date!

If you have ideas for the format, agenda, or personal shares, please reach out to





Portland Arts & Culture Webinar 2020


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Arts & Culture Webinar!


Arts & Culture Webinar Agenda [watch the webinar here!]

a touchstone experience for the creative community

September 22, 2020 | 2:00 - 4:00pm


Arts & Culture Webinar - a cultural community “check-in” during the Pandemic

2:00pm Welcome by Mayor Kate Snyder
2:04pm Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, Co-Chair, Congressional Arts Caucus
2:10pm Dinah Minot, Creative Portland intro Carole Martin, facilitator
2:15pm “State of the Arts” - local update
A group of cultural leaders will individually share what’s happening now at their nonprofit orgs and/or businesses. (Who is open, partially open and/or closed).
2:35pm Economic UPDATE, Quincy Hentzel, Regional Chamber of Commerce
Dinah Minot, Relief Opportunities 
Julie Richards, Maine Arts Commission 
Daniel Minter, CP Board, Portland Artist Relief Fund
Nelle Hanig, City Business Assistance & Relief Programs
Scott Mohler, Maine Music Alliance
Jeff Beam, One Longfellow Square, Fundraising Success Story
2:47pm Community Initiatives, Councilor Tae Chong, City of Portland
Black Lives Matter 
Public Art & Social Messaging
City Public Health Campaign, Greg Mitchell, City of Portland
2:54pm Arts Messaging campaign and inclusive engagement, Dinah Minot, CP & Julia Trujillo, Office of Economic Opportunity 
3:03pm Creative Bus Shelter Initiative
3:15pm Cultural App presentation, Dinah Minot & Sam Mateosian, Yarn Corporation
3:30pm Chat & Conversation, facilitated by Carole Martin.
4:00pm Wrap and sign-ups for future discussions, Kate Anker, President CP & Dinah Minot



2020 Steering Committee:

Kate Anker, Founder, Running with Scissors Studios
Jeff Beam, Interim Executive Director, One Longfellow Square
Lisa Bloss, Creative Portland Board Member
Caitlin Cameron, Urban Designer, City of Portland
Christine Grimando, Director of Planning & Urban Development Department, City of Portland
Kelsey Halliday Johnson, Executive Director, SPACE Gallery
Leah Igo Brooks, Director of Marketing and Communications, MECA
Graeme Kennedy, Director of Communications, Portland Museum of Art
Julia Kirby, Development Director, St. Lawrence Arts
Daniel Minter, Founder, Indigo Arts Alliance
Jeff Shaw, Executive Director, Maine Academy for Modern Music
Julia Trujillo, Office of Economic Opportunity, City of Portland
Beth Wilbur Van Mierlo, Executive Director, Side X Side


Panelists & Participants

Mayor Kate Snyder
Congresswoman Chellie Pingree
Dinah Minot, Executive Director, Creative Portland
Carole Martin, Facilitator
Kate Anker, CP Board President & Founder of Running With Scissors
Graeme Kennedy, Director of Communications, Portland Museum of Art
Kelsey Halliday Johnson, Executive Director, SPACE Gallery
Julia Trujillo, Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, City of Portland
Daniel Minter, Creative Portland Board Member & Founder of Indigo Arts Alliance
Scott Mohler, Founder of Maine Music Alliance
Quincy Henztel, C.E.O. Regional Chamber of Commerce
Julie Richards, Executive Director, Maine Arts Commission
Lauren Wayne, General Manager of The State Theater
Sam Mateosian, Founder of Yarn Corporation
John Danos, Co-owner Greenhut Gallery & Cove Street Arts
Councilor Tae Chong, Creative Portland Board Member



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Portland Arts & Culture Summit 2019


Cultural Plan Steering Committee: Kate Anker, Jeff Beam, Lisa Bloss, Atiim Boykin, Caitlin Cameron, Andy Downs, Karolyn Greenstreet, Christine Grimando, Kelsey Halliday Johnson, Erin Hutton, Leah Igo, Graeme Kennedy, Julia Kirby, Daniel Minter, Marcia Minter, Jeff Shaw, Julia Trujillo, Beth Wilbur Van Mierlo


Artists, arts administrators, creative entrepreneurs, designers, planners, architects, students, nonprofit leaders, politicians, community stakeholders, city staff, angel investors and private business leaders are are invited to participate in the launch of Portland's Annual Arts & Culture Summit (for cultural plan implementation) on June 18th, 2019, from 9am-5pm.
This summit will address internal strategic planning and cultural plan implementation. It will also address private investment opportunities for arts impact and cultural tourism opportunities for maximum outreach. Panelists will include cultural stakeholders, creative leaders, and city staff, and the event will be facilitated by Carole Martin.
Boxed lunches will be available (pre-order only, please add on to your order at the end of checkout) but guests may also bring their own lunch.
Free parking will be available in the Ocean Gateway parking lot for summit attendees on a first come, first served basis.
Complimentary passes are available for students and individuals, upon request. Contact to secure your space.
Complimentary passes to the 2 Degrees social mixer from 5-7pm are available to all summit participants. Please register at the end of checkout for this evening event. 
8:30-9am Coffee Reception
9am-12:45pm Morning Session Cultural Plan Implementation
  • 9:00 - Creative Portland Board President David Brenerman
  • 9:05 - Mayor of Portland, The Honorable Ethan K. Strimling 
  • 9:10 - Congresswoman & Co-Chair Congressional Arts Caucus, Chellie Pingree: “THE ARTS AS AN ECONOMIC ENGINE” 
  • 9:30 - Dinah Minot, Executive Director, Creative Portland 
  • 9:35 - Carole Martin, Facilitator
  • 9:45-10:30 - TOPIC 1 - Brand Portland as a Creative Center & Arts Destination
  • 10:45-11:30 - TOPIC 2 - Increase Visibility for Artists (Showcases, Public Art, Professional Development, Fiscal Sponsorships)
  • 11:45-12:30 - TOPIC 3 - Arts Center(s) (Affordable Live/Work, Studio, Showcase and Performance Spaces) 
  • 12:30-12:45 - Work Group Signups
12:45-2pm Lunch & Networking
  • Bring your own lunch or purchase a Sisters Gourmet Deli boxed lunch at checkout (pre-order only)
  • Table Sponsor Presentations
  • Palaver Strings performance
2-4:50pm Afternoon Session Investing in the Arts - Public, Institutional & Private Investments 
  • 2:00 - Julie Richard, Maine Arts Commission
  • 2:15-3:15 - TOPIC 1 - Investment Opportunities for the Private Sector 
  • 3:30-4:00 - TOPIC 2 - Collaborative Planning Strategies (Music Festivals and Arts Showcases, Centralized Planning Systems)
  • 4:15-4:45 - TOPIC 3 - Public Grant Funding
5-7pm 2 Degrees Portland (Complimentary Pass Included) 
  • A social mixer for creative networking. 
  • Anker, Kate (Running with Scissors)
  • Bass, Peter (Random Orbit)
  • Beam, Jeff (Maine Embassy & OLS)
  • Bliss, Sadie (Maine Crafts Association)
  • Brenerman, David (Creative Portland)
  • Brown, Bruce (curator/photographer/collector)
  • Burch, Kate (Portland Museum of Art)
  • Cameron, Caitlin (City Urban Planner/PPAC)
  • Campbell, Sarah (Portland Public Library)
  • Coleman, John (artist/VIA)
  • Danos, John (Cove Street Arts/Greenhut Galleries)
  • Gilg, Kerstin (Maine Arts Commission)
  • Grimando, Christine (City Planning Director)
  • Hancock, Lindsay (Artist/Grant writer)
  • Hentzel, Quincy (Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce)
  • Johnson, Kelsey H. (SPACE)
  • Katz, Sara (Burlington City Arts)
  • Kraft, Doreen (Burlington City Arts)
  • Lindemann, Mary Allen (Coffee By Design)
  • McLaughlin, Peter (SPACE/Waking Windows)
  • Methot, Amanda (Housing & Community Development- City)
  • Minot, Dinah (Creative Portland)
  • Minter, Daniel (Indigo Arts Alliance, MECA)
  • Newell, Chip (New Height Group)
  • Petrin, Aimée (Portland Ovations)
  • Pingree, Chellie, (Congresswoman & Co-Chair, Arts Caucus)
  • Pottenger, Marty (Terra Motta/Art at Work) 
  • Richard, Julie (Maine Arts Commission)
  • Shaw, David (IDEXX, Covetrus, The Jackson Lab)
  • Smith-Reiman, Addy (PSA/The Complete City)
  • Strimling, Ethan (Mayor of Portland)
  • Thompson, Chris (Thompson's Point)
  • Tillotson, Lynn (Visit Portland)
  • Van Dyk, Issa (LA House - LAwrence, MA)
  • Wilbur Van Mierlo, Beth (Side x Side)


Portland Arts & Culture Summit - June 18, 2019 - Ocean Gateway

Creative Portland will present the Portland Arts & Culture Summit on June 18, 2019 at Ocean Gateway in collaboration with the City of Portland, and sponsored by Thompson’s Point, Live + Work in Maine, Cove Street Arts and Startup Maine. Artists, arts administrators, creative entrepreneurs, designers, planners, architects, students, nonprofit leaders, politicians, community stakeholders, city staff, angel investors and private business leaders are invited to participate in this all day event (9am - 5pm) to address internal strategic planning and cultural plan implementation for Portland’s arts and cultural community. 
The planned day of celebration will reinforce the economic impact of the arts in Portland and throughout Maine. Governor Janet T. Mills and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree are hoping to attend, schedules permitting. Rep. Chellie Pingree of Maine, D-1st District, and vice chair of the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee and co-chair of the bipartisan Congressional Arts Caucus, will articulate and elaborate on how the arts are an economic engine and spur economic growth, draw tourists to our state, and ensure artists want to live and create in Maine. Maine Arts Commission’s Julie Richard and arts advocate Mayor Ethan Strimling will also participate, along with Christine Grimando, City Planning Director, and Caitlin Cameron, Urban Designer and staff to the Portland Public Art Committee (PPAC). City staff will reinforce the aspirations of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Portland’s Plan 2030, which conveys synchronicity and alignment with the Cultural Plan update
“As Portland experiences rapid growth, now is the time to roll up our sleeves together. We all want the same thing, which is to nurture, grow and sustain the arts, the core foundation of the creative economy. We can move forward by partnering together and by implementing projects and initiatives that help to showcase Portland’s extraordinary talent,” said Creative Portland Executive Director Dinah Minot, who oversaw the cultural planning process from initiation through City Council approval. “The summit will serve as an annual check-in and as a springboard to attract participation and engagement from working groups interested in plan implementation. Community stakeholders, best practice consultants, professional branding consultants, planners and designers will collaborate to brand Portland as a creative center.”
“The summit is an important function of Creative Portland’s mission,” said David Brenerman, Board President of Creative Portland, “to serve as a convener and facilitator for, and to provide resources to, the cultural community.” As the city’s official nonprofit arts agency, Creative Portland supports economic development efforts by strengthening and stimulating Portland’s workforce, creative industries, and enterprises. 
A complete agenda with panelists, speakers and topics will be available on June 4, two weeks before the event. Palaver Strings and Batimbo United will perform throughout the day. Economic impact data will be available and distributed to summit participants. Lunchtime table sponsors will include Opus Consulting Group, People’s United Bank, Indigo Arts Alliance, Knack Factory, the Press Hotel, and Coffee By Design. Panelists will include cultural stakeholders, creative leaders, and city staff, curated by a summit steering committee and led by Creative Portland, who has hired Carole Martin to be a facilitator. A skeletal agenda is available at, prior to panelist confirmation.
Registration for ticket reservations is live and accessible through Eventbrite at Tickets are $10 for artists and nonprofit organizations and $25 for the private sector. Complimentary passes are available for students, city staff, and others who send a special request to
Following the summit there will be a 2 Degrees Portland social networking mixer, also at Ocean Gateway, free to summit attendees and $5 for the general public. 2 Degrees is a program of Creative Portland, in partnership with Live + Work in Maine, to provide a welcome wagon and network for creatives.
In 2016, Creative Portland began facilitating the process of updating the cultural plan of 1998 - Celebrating Community: A Cultural Plan for Portland, Maine - to develop a vision and plan for the creative economy in Portland and the region. The strategic priorities that were identified in the process reflect the comments and feedback from the community, including the branding of Portland as a creative center. On February 20, 2019, the Portland City Council voted to adopt the Cultural Plan Update of 2018, available on the Creative Portland website at and on the City of Portland’s website under Adopted City Plans at 
Creative Portland’s mission is to support the creative economy through the arts by providing essential resources, by fostering partnerships, and by promoting Portland's artistic talents and cultural assets. As the city’s official nonprofit arts agency, Creative Portland supports economic development efforts by strengthening and stimulating Portland’s workforce, creative industries, and enterprises. 
The Creative Portland Board of Directors consists of President David Brenerman, Vice President Kate Anker, Treasurer Gib Foltz, Secretary Brian Marshall, and Nicole Barna, Peter Bass, Lisa Bloss, Ezekiel Callanan, Mufalo Chitam, Raffi Der Simonian, Daniel Minter, Greg Mitchell (ex officio), Gerard Salvo, and Mayor Ethan Strimling (ex officio).
Note:  Logo - Adinkra symbol (spider web/wheel) stands for wisdom, creativity, and the complexities of life, adapted by Portland resident & Ghana native, Ebenezer Akakpo.