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We’re lucky in Portland: we get to enjoy all the benefits of city living, but nature—beaches, hiking trails, mountains—is close at hand. Portlanders are an active bunch. We run, bike, ski, climb, swim, surf, play, and explore, and not only on the weekends.


Casco Bay Lines offers year-round ferry service between Portland and the islands of Casco Bay: Peaks, Little and Great Diamond, Cliff, Long, and Chebeague, as well as special summer cruises to Bailey Island.

Maine Department of Conservation has information about parks and public lands in the Greater Portland and Casco Bay region, including Mackworth IslandTwo Lights, and Crescent Beach State Park.

Maine Living has a guide to beaches in the Greater Portland and Casco Bay region.

The Portland Freedom Trail, comprised of sixteen marked sites, recognizes people and places associated with the Underground Railroad and anti-slavery movement in Portland. You can print out a map to guide your walk.

Portland Trails is a nonprofit urban land trust that maintains fifty miles of multi-use trails in the greater Portland area. Check out the trail map.