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Hot off the press!

Hot off the Press!

Articles & Podcasts Featuring Creative Portland

and our wonderful arts community:



6/30/21 Portland Phoenix "Wait is Over for Portland's First Friday Art Walk"

6/17/21 "Perspectives" on Townsquare Media Radio Stations "2021 Summer Update of Creative Portland Programs"

1/5/21 Maine Biz 2021 New Years Resolutions from Non-profit Leaders

12/27/17 MaineBiz "Creative Portland sees opportunity for the arts in new year"

12/11/20 Men's Health "Happiest Cities in America" 

9/28/16 Portland Press Herald "Creative Portland hires former TV, film producer as new executive director"


Artist Relief Fund

3/5/21 WMTW Channel 8 "Maine Musician Raising Money for Local Artists"

5/12/20 Portland Press Herald "Creative Portland, Haystack distribute money to artists"

5/12/20 Portland Press Herald "Creative Portland disburses first round of artist relief funding"

5/8/20 Sun Journal "Creative Portland awards $500 each to all eligible applicants for the Portland Artist Relief Fund"

5/8/20 Maine Arts Commission Blog "Creative Portland Awards $500 Each to All Eligible 

5/4/20 Maine Biz Creative Portland Raises 75k for local artists hit by crisis

5/12/20 Portland Press Herald Creative Portland disburses first round of artist relief funding

3/24/20 Sun Journal "Creative portland Shares Relief Options for the Arts Community During Shutdown"

3/25/20 Maine Biz "Creative Portland Seeks to Raise 50k in Emergency Relief for Local Artists"


Art Banners for Public Health

5/10/21 Portland Press Herald "Artists Bring Beauty to the Barricades"

4/23/21 WMTW Channel 8 "Artists beautifying barricades blocking roads for outdoor dining in Portland"

4/21/21 CBS Channel 13 "Portland Hires Artists to Decorate Street Closure Barricades"

4/9/21 WCYY "This Banner Is How We Do Social Distancing – Portland, Maine Style!"

11/16/20 WMTW Channel 8 "Art Helps Spread Covid Safety Measures in Maine"

11/04/20 Portland Forecaster "Creative Portland Using Art to Remind Public of Health Protocols"

10/1/20 Maine Biz "Giving Notebook: Coffee By Design awards arts grants, Portland seeks help to 'stay the course'"

8/23/20 Portland Press Herald "Designs Sought for City's Public Health Campaign"


Arts Community Discussions

9/23/20 Maine Biz Portland's cultural community ‘check-in’ reveals business hardships, also optimism

6/19/19 Portland Press Herald Movers, shakers of Maine arts gather in Portland for Summit

6/4/18 MaineBiz Creative Portland hosts city's first arts and culture summit


Creative Bus Shelters

6/27/21 Bangor Daily News "These Creative Mainers are Transforming Humble City Bus Shelters into Works of Art"

6/7/21 Portland Press Herald "Portland Unveils New Seaweed Shelter"

6/4/21 Portland Press Herald "Briefs: New bus shelter artwork installed"

October '20 Amjambo Africa "Bus Shelter Spreads Message of Hope and Friendship"

9/22/20 Portland Press Herald Going Out For Art

9/9/20 The Portland Phoenix "Gimme Shelter"

9/8/20 Portland Forecaster "Art Starts at Bus Stops"

9/8/20 USM Monday Missive Item #9

8/10/20  WMTW News, Channel 8 "Art displays at Portland bus stops raise awareness for social issues"

8/10/20 WCYY "The New Bus-Stop Shelter Art in Portland is Amazing"

8/7/20 Portland Press Herald Creative Portland installs art in city bus shelters

8/6/20 USM Free Press "USM Art Alum Justin Levesque's Work Selected for Portland Bus Shelter Installation"

5/23/19 Portland Press Herald "Creating Comfort and Joy"

5/17/19 Maine Biz "10 Maine arts organizations land $1M in NEA funding"

5/16/19 Portland Press Herald "NEA grants nearly $1 million to 10 Maine arts groups"


Economic Impact of the Arts

2/08/20 Portland Press Herald Portland Stands Out Among U.S. Cities in Performing Arts Attendance

6/21/17 Maine Public "Study: Mainers Spent $150 Million on Arts in 2015"

6/21/17 Portland Press Herald "Spending on arts, culture in Portland grows to $75 million, report says"

6/20/17 MaineBiz "Impact of Portland's art and cultural nonprofits surging"

5/15/17 MaineBiz "Creative Portland getting down to business for art's sake"

4/20/17 Portland Press Herald "Jobs in arts, culture employ 16,000 in Maine"

9/29/16 Bangor Daily News "How Portland’s new arts advocate plans to grow the creative economy"


Fiscal Sponsorship

3/4/21 Amjambo Africa "Kneeling Art Photography Project"

9/2/20 Sun Journal "Maine Music Alliance"

8/10/20 Maine Biz "Women to Watch: Marcia Minter"

8/12/18 Portland Press Herald "Ashley Bryan, 95, ‘always honored’ to have a new show"


Hear Here

1/20/20 News Center Maine/207 Hear Here 2020 Segement with Angelikah

1/21/20 News Center Maine/207 Hear Here 2020 Segment with Ikirenga c'Intore

1/20/20 Portland Press Herald Hear and See Portland Arts and Music Right Here

1/3/20 Sun Journal "Creative Portland to Present Hear Here 2020"

1/17/20 News Center Maine "Hear Here 2020"

2/19/19 MaineBiz Creative Portland's 'Hear Here' concert showcases Maine artists

2/12/19 News Center Maine / 207 Drumming shakes the earth & moves the soul and you can feel it at Hear, Here!

12/15/18 Havard Magazine "Beyond Lobsters & Lighthouses"