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William Hessian

The canvas killer who plans to predict the future with his artwork

Job Visual Artist/ Illustrator / Hidden Ladder Collective

Lives In The West End

I am a travelling artist from Minnesota who landed in Portland, Maine a few years ago. My two biggest projects as a travelling artists are public events called miniature art hunts, which brings art to the people, and people to the parks and Canvas Kill performances which involved creating and destroying artwork.

Since finding the great city of Portland, I have helped start the Hidden Ladder Collective with Abbeth Russell and became a board member of the Meg Perry Center, and the Union of Maine Visual Artists. I am a proud member of Occupy Maine.

Along with my visual arts career I started a board game company called Hidden Ladder Games and produced a card game called PBL ROBOTS with John Supinski. Additionally, I do illustrations for local newspapers, do social work at Preble Street and teach art at River Tree Arts in Kennebunk.  

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