Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Whit Richardson

I write about Maine's innovators and entrepreneurs

Job Journalist / Portland Press Herald

Lives In Munjoy Hill

I live and work in Portland, covering Maine's startups and innovators for the Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram.. I love to read, eat and drink craft beer. Portland is a great place to do all three.

Other Portlanders

Allen West

There are things that haven't been done before. I'm picking them off one by one.

Angelina Campbell

Poster child for 20-somethings in Portland.

Michael Geneseo

I use words and pictures to tell stories and help others tell theirs.

Kelsey Raymond

I create, code, and bring ideas to life

Ren Morrill

Bridge the divide between bodies and technology

Craig Casey

I am a brand architect helping companies connect to their customers.

Matri Lamb

I find the words that bring the funds.

Colleen Raney

Figuring out how to do things is my favorite pastime.

Luke Thomas

I build & grow internet companies.

Susan Bartlett Rice

Always up for the challenge of thinking big and painting big

Samantha Hoyt Lindgren

I make connections for Portland's fiber and textile artists.

Monica Helms

I work to feed my hungry neighbors