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Mitch Eagan

I make photos and art and know quite a bit about picture framing.

Job Photographer, Artist, Picture Framer

Lives In Woodfords Corner

University of Wisconsin, Fine Arts

University of Missouri, Photojournalism

Other Portlanders

Michael Geneseo

I use words and pictures to tell stories and help others tell theirs.

Tyler Kidder

I collaborate with students, staff, faculty, and the community to make and keep USM environmentally sustainable

Don Gooding

I train innovative entrepreneurs and help them connect to succeed.

Valerie Dukhey

I play in Portland’s authentic City playground

Tina Lucas

Working with buyers and sellers helping them to successfully achieve their MAINE real estate goals.

Eric Mofford

Artist and business mentor that loves being a part of Portland's creative community

Megan Jones

I create images and capture moments.

Nance Trueworthy

Specializing in capturing great faces and famous places

Angelina Campbell

Poster child for 20-somethings in Portland.

Graeme Kennedy

A little bit of everything...

Chris Korzen

Working to build Portland's tech economy