Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Matthew Ahlberg

I craft space.

Job Designer

Lives In Cape Elizabeth

There is no one characteristic style that can define any part of Portland and that, to me, is what makes it such a magical place to live and work.  What I find most inspiring is the willingness everyone seems to have to express who they are as individuals through art, design, food, or just simply a kind "hello."

I most enjoy sharing all of this with my wife and children. 

Other Portlanders

Craig Casey

I am a brand architect helping companies connect to their customers.

Jeremy Parmley

Authentic video creator

2° Portland Connector

Matt Chamberlain

I make upscale comfort food with personality. I throw parties.

Torin Peterson

I help get more K-12 heroes into schools.

Amanda Gagnon

I enjoy finding unique ways to share my visions

Shannon Colón

Visual Communicator

Bob McKillop

I'm passionate about songwriting, songwriters, and Portland, Maine

Sean Sullivan

I connect people to one another, organizations, and ideas.


I get to work with the the most amazing artists while they're still students!

Brook DeLorme

I design & make clothing.

Nathan Hann

My day job is in coffee which fuels my passion for photography.

Peter Weed

I help tell good stories with words and pictures.