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Luciana Grimaldi

Clothing designer. Life Lover. World Explorer.

Job Fashion Designer

Lives In South Portland

Kellie Lamkin is the creative brain behind the name Luciana Grimaldi. Grimaldi is the maiden name of her grandmother, a descendant of Italy, and Luciana is a preferred name she wishes to call her first born daughter someday. In the meantime, she has been so dedicated to pursuing her creative endeavors she thought it would be best to put a quality name behind her passions, which is when Luciana Grimaldi was brought to life. 

She is originally from Portland, Maine, USA but attributes her growing love for design to her experience of living in NYC. After finishing her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she moved to Milan, Italy, to broaden and enhance her knowledge at Politecnico di Milano, where she recently just graduated with a degree in International Fashion Design- specializing in women’s sportswear. 

She says she ‘does’ fashion because it allows her to be creative and business minded in the same token. She designs for a woman much like herself, a sort of chameleon that is familiar with many walks of life. She is a lady who appreciates a sterling silver set table and the beat of hip-hop culture. While developing a concept for a collection she strives to blend these two worlds together into a fresh method that she has dubbed as being “classic with an urban twist.”

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