Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Lil McGill

Nanaerys Cargaryen, Mother Of Hooligans, Breaker Of Balls

Job Lord and Lady of Planet Venis, LLC / www.planetvenis.com

Lives In Portland

My dream is to write comedy, so I keep trying to become good at that; meanwhile I'm a brilliant musician and artist completely by accident.  I'm basically a mind reader and I think I know everything.  But how do I give my genius to the world when I'm amazing at so many different things?  Who will be my mentor?  Seriously, you guys.

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Ned Donovan

I am an Actor/Fight Director originally from Portland, now living in NYC

Winky Lewis

juggling motherhood and photography.....

David Higham

Hospitality professional working on a new product idea for the industry

Laura Faure

I orchestrate a laboratory and training ground for the international contemporary dance community.

Heather Chontos

Art and Design Consultant

Shannon Colón

Visual Communicator

Matthew A. K. Smith

I design & build fast, responsive websites.

Ed McKersie

I partner with Maine companies to build their most important asset...their team.

Molly Steinmetz

Maker of things and purveyor of sass.

Caitlin Brooke

Proponent of Good Vibes

Ann Tracy

Digital Alchemist Artist with a side of editorial photography and creativity consultant