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Lee Lohrmann

I put faces to names

Job Graphic Designer / PureWire Publishing

Lives In Parkside

design is my job, bicycles are my release, music is my passion

Other Portlanders

Kanya Zillmer

I push pixels while doing cartwheels.

Tyler McGinley

Curator of all things good.

Karen O. St.Clair

I enhance the work and private lives of my clients.

Greta Rybus

Happiest when taking photos.

Christopher Papagni

Share vital information/critical feedback that can help you grow your business

Katheryn Casale

I design and make clothes, prints, and graphics.

2° Portland Connector

Amy Parker

Designer / Creative / Humanist. Professional visual designer and communication theory practitioner in UX.

Katherine Englishman

Writing about the outdoors from inside.

Craig Casey

I am a brand architect helping companies connect to their customers.

2° Portland Connector

Matt Chamberlain

I make upscale comfort food with personality. I throw parties.