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Fiscal Sponsorship


Fiscal sponsorship refers to the practice of non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups engaged in activities related to the sponsoring organization's mission. The partnership allows emerging organizations/projects without a nonprofit status to fund raise and apply for grants. 
Creative Portland (CP) serves the creative community as the fiscal sponsor for creative individuals, enterprises, and initiatives. We limit the number of fiscal sponsorships so that we can efficiently manage, record and fund disbursements on a timely basis. 
The projects and initiatives of an artist or emerging organization (client) must align with Creative Portland’s mission: 
Our mission is to support the creative economy through the arts by providing essential resources, by fostering partnerships, and by promoting Portland's artistic talents and cultural assets. As the official nonprofit arts agency, we support economic development efforts by strengthening and stimulating our workforce, creative industries, and enterprises.

Click here to download our Fiscal Sponsorship Policy and to preview a sample agreement. To apply for a fiscal sponsorship, email

  • Arts At Greenwood Garden is a summer and fall season concert and arts residency series on Peaks Island on the site of the former Greenwood Garden amusement park (1880s-1930s), making use of the picturesque, sea-side outdoor grounds and historic, acoustically brilliant playhouse. The series will feature performers from Peaks and Greater Portland, as well as nationally and internationally touring musicians and ensembles. 
  • Black Artists Forum: A coalition dedicated to maintaining the growth of individual creators and the community of black artists in Maine by creating visibility for artistic diversity while making cultural resources and opportunities accessible to the creative community.
  • Black Owned Maine: An online directory for independent, Black-owned businesses in Maine, including visual artists, performing artists, makers and artisans.
  • Factory 3:  A makerspace that offers Portland's creative community access to wood and metal shop equipment and tools, personal work/studio spaces, and a variety of experimental and professional classes. Their mission is to support and sustain the imagination that drives both creative and entrepreneurial passions. Their makerspace is a hub for novices and specialists ready to actively pursue new skills, unleash their creative potential, and connect with a broad network of makers.
  • FLUKES: A multigenerational ukulele band, that entertains, educates, and enthralls audiences of all ages with diverse music, from the Beatles, to Bach, and beyond!
  • Firefly the Hybrid A musician who illuminates the beauty and healing power of his ancient indigenous culture through music, visuals, and creativity. This project consists of creating an album of 9 songs, which will be rooted in ancient Wabanaki music with the addition of modern instruments and technology. 
  • Gulf of Maine Eco ArtsThe project is constructed to operate and evolve like a collaborative work of art. Via communication, hands-on artwork, events, and education, Gulf of Maine Eco Arts (GMEA) promotes awareness of the climate crisis, encourages stewardship and action, and affects change. Climate justice cannot be realized unless biodiversity problems are seriously faced and addressed.
  • Hip Hop In The Park (Presented By Monday of the Minds) is a Summer Concert Series featuring local musicians in Congress Square Park.
  • Kneeling Art Photography Project: A community social justice/art project that explores the meaning and evolution of the “Take-A-Knee” gesture by having Maine and New England photographers capture the many different kinds of Mainers who agree to participate.
  • Museum of BeadworkAn emerging museum dedicated to illuminating the history of beads throughout the world, and  exploring the cultural and artistic significance of beadwork in art and adornment in Maine.
  • PechaKucha (Portland): A global storytelling presentation, originating in Japan, in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each in a precise and fast-paced event with multiple speakers. A community-building program that has been active in Portland for 10 years. 
  • Portland Dance Project  highlights dance programming throughout the local community and expands public engagement to get audiences excited about seeing more performances in multiple venues throughout the city. 
  • ProjectEmmersive is an incubator for all things immersive arts. Their goal is to see Maine into a creative and technology driven future, by bolstering Maine artists with a passion that continues off the canvas.
  • SPEEDWELL projectsAn artist-run studio and gallery dedicated to launching thought provoking exhibitions in all media, including site-specific installations, public art, spoken word, and performance.
  • Batimbo United: An ensemble of master drummers from Burundi who have been recognized with a humanitarian award from UNESCO.
  • Freedom & Captivity: A coalition of arts institutions, community organizations, support groups for incarcerated and previously incarcerated people, criminal justice reform experts, and scholars who work together to offer a roster of collaborative, creative, and coordinated events, lectures, exhibitions, performances, and workshops to be taught at Maine colleges during Fall 2021 about incarceration and decarceration in Maine. 
  • Fork Food Lab: A membership organization and community kitchen collective. Creative Portland partnered with Fork Food Lab on the first Portland Food Launch and Festival at Thompson’s Point Brick South Building, an exciting new events, trade show, concert venue and conference space facility.
  • Indigo Arts Alliance: An innovative hybrid studio space to amplify the creative voices, artistic vision, and practice of artists of color in Maine.
  • Maine Immigrant Music Connection: Aims to build community with recent immigrants through music.
  • Maine Music Alliance: Aims to increase awareness and support the sustainability of the extraordinary live music venues of Portland while highlighting the tremendous impact they have on our local economy.
  • Maine Production Safety: is working to create COVID-19 workplace safety guidelines for film and media productions in the State of Maine.
  • Maine Tool Library: A volunteer-run tool lending library in Portland, Maine, serving makers, artists, homeowners, creatives, and entrepreneurs, located at 224 Anderson Street. 
  • Maine Youth Rock Orchestra (MYRO): An ensemble of classically trained young musicians performing modern arrangements on tour and as accompaniment for national acts. They have since become an official 501(c)(3).
  • Polyphonic Theater Ensemble: the mission of Polyphonic is to encourage inclusivity and accessibility by showcasing diverse voices and sensibilities on stage. 
  • Portland Dance Month: PDM is an opportunity for local arts organizations to strengthen relationships, expand public engagement, and get audiences excited about seeing more performances in multiple venues throughout the city. From October 10 - November 11, 2018, Portland Dance Month audiences will have the opportunity to see 18 performances in 6 different venues, and attend 6 workshops for dancers and artists. 
  • Portland Mural Initiative: A project aiming to bring contemporary art into the public spaces of Portland and its surrounding areas. They work with emerging and established artists that have a strong connection to Maine to create innovative murals and architectural interventions. 
  • Re-Past: Remembering Malaga: A site-specific memorial to be held on Malaga Island. The collaborative performance will engage the public-at-large to remember those who were evicted from the island on July 1, 1912, because they were black and mixed-race.
  • Robot Speak: A multi-media exhibition and art installation spearheaded by artist Eva Goetz. 
  • Rocco Trio: A three-movement piano trio composition by Rocco Havelaar, a Portland composer of contemporary classical music. The piece will most likely premier in summer 2018 or 2019.
  • Startup Maine: A three-day conference of cutting-edge content, applied learning, and collaborative connections. welcoming both startups and creators from Maine and beyond. They have since become an official 501(c)3
  • Your Art Partner’s Temp to Perm Public Arts Conference, a one day public art conference and workshop forum.