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April Greetings from Executive Director Dinah Minot 

The days are longer and it feels good to come out of hibernation! But no need to rush into anything. Slow Art Day at the PMA on April 6th offers an opportunity to engage with art at a slower pace, as opposed to that mad dash to get through the exhibit and back to work. Taking the time to reflect and absorb the power and beauty of art is an inspiring and breathtaking experience. Slow down and check out "Maine, The Painted State," an invitational group show at Greenhut, a spring group show featuring talented women at The Francis, "4th Annual Regional High School Art Show" at Casco Bay Artisans, "The Third Hand" at Able Baker, "Henry Wolyniec: relief" at SPEEDWELL projects, Leo Rabkin's "Paper Meringue and Other Delights," "Homeland" at Grant Wahlquist Gallery, "Everyday Maine" curated by Bruce Town at UNE, CE Morse's "Wild Art" at Arta, and Portland Art Gallery's First Thursday series. All ought to be on your radar. Soon we'll thaw out and relax in Tommy's Park or Congress Square Park, where new murals will go up this summer. Can't wait to picnic on the promenades and to toss off our shoes at PMA's David E. Shaw sculpture park. 


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