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Happy March from Executive Director Dinah Minot

March Madness is upon us in every sense. Beyond sports competitions and the changing weather of melting ice and snow flurries, we welcome new birth and regenerative growth as we anticipate spring days ahead. Have you noticed all the new plays, new books, new albums, new art shows, new concerts, and new talks all over town? Check out the Rad Plaid app for an amazing source of local music listings. 2020 offers a solid foundation to gain a celebrated reputation as an arts destination of diverse artistic disciplines. Portland is not only a generator of arts activities, it is also a major hub of participation in the arts. According to a recent National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) US Census Survey, we stand out among U.S. cities in public attendance and appreciation of the arts. 3 out of 4 residents attend a concert or live show every year. More than 50% read fiction and at least 27% seek out gallery exhibitions and museums to appreciate art. Buy and participate in the arts to nurture and sustain the cultural life of Portland.

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