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Happy April from Executive Director, Dinah Minot

At our first Arts Community Check-in since COVID-19 changed our lives a year ago, over 100 artists & cultural leaders convened on zoom to share and listen to each other's stories. Most of the artists expressed difficulty with maintaining a creative flow during the pandemic. Although some had more time to think or create, their thoughts often led to overwhelming feelings and distractions. Creative blocks became a common thread. More time for concentration versus more time in isolation lead to very different outcomes. Many artists suffered serious depression this past year, and some of the shares were painful and deeply personal.
On June 21, we will convene again. This time, the "REOPEN & REVIVE" meeting will focus on reporting out and sharing resources, events, and opportunities for reopening. Creative Portland will present an overview of the new cultural app development. If you are a venue or arts organization, be sure to register to learn more about how to participate and create a profile for the Portland Arts & Culture (PAC) app, currently being developed in collaboration with the tech wizards at Yarn Corporation.


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