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Happy Thanksgiving From Executive Director, Dinah Minot!

What was the most memorable art event, art banner, street barricade design, exhibition, or concert that you enjoyed during COVID? We'd like to hear from you and share our community's favorites. Let's pause, reflect and spread gratitude for the wonderful partnerships that we value in Portland's arts community. Everyday we find inspiration in our illuminating art galleries, theaters, concert halls, dance spaces, incubators and art studios. No doubt, Maine is now on the national art map, and the local cultural beat has a steady throbbing pulse. Vote for candidates that support the arts. We are proud to have arts advocate Councilor Tae Chong on our Board - Ask him who he is supporting! We are grateful to Chellie Pingree, our Congresswoman, for her arts advocacy and support as the Co-Chair of the bipartisan Congressional Arts Caucus. Creative Portland counts on your continued support during Giving Tuesday and all throughout the holiday season. Please donate to support our operating expenses so that we can build capacity and hire part-time contractors to implement our ongoing programs.









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