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VIDEO: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

If you've never heard Aly Spaltro's voice, hit play before you read any further. And maybe close your eyes the first time through, because this video, "The Nothing Pt. II" is beautiful sensory overload. It debuted on SPIN this week. That coup was followed by a piece on NPR's All Things Considered.  The next day, the German editon of Rolling Stone picked up coverage of the album, Ripely Pine. And even before all that, the Wall Street Journal interviewed Spaltro about Lady Lamb the Beekeeper's newest release, and her cinematic aesthetic.

Spaltro, the voice of Lady Lamb the Beekeeper has been a local favorite since she was a teenager. Back in 2007, while working at Bart and Greg's DVD Explosion in Brunswick, she began nightime musical charettes, playing with her voice and her sound, and eventually burning some CDs. The solo sleepness nights turned into live performances and a collaboration with musician TJ Metcalfe, and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper began to captivate audiences and the press. Eventually, in 2011, Portland lost Spaltro to Brooklyn, except that it wasn't really a loss--more like a musician share, or exchange program. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper had a record release party for Ripley Pine at Bull Moose on February 16th; it was the first place you could buy the new album. And this video, which has splashed its way across the Internet and the pond, was produced by Portland filmmaker David Meiklejohn.

And she's back again. This Saturday, March 2nd, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper returns to her roots and plays the familiar stage at SPACE Gallery before kicking off a headline tour this spring. There's probably no better place to see her live, in part because she loves SPACE, and in part because Portland loves her.

There may not be pie, but it will certainly be sweet.

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