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New Audio Slideshow: Activision Programmer Wade Brainerd and Theater Director Jennie Hahn

Wade Brainerd and Jennie Hahn audio slideshow on LiveWorkPortland, Portland, Maine

Our latest audio slideshow by radio producer and documentarian Willa Kammerer and photographer Tonee Harbert tells the story of two native Mainers who had started successful careers in Los Angeles but longed to return before their clocks struck 30. Wade Brainerd convinced Activision, the company he is a technical director for, to let him set up a satellite office in Portland. His partner Jennie Hahn realized that Portland would be a perfect base of operations for the kind of community-based theater work that she does. And they wanted to start a family. Fast-forward the tape and we see Wade and Jennie working in and around Portland, living near Willard Beach in South Portland and raising their first child, Simon. Check out Wade's website and Jennie's organization, Open Waters Theatre Arts. You can also find their video on our YouTube channel. As their story shows, you can have it all, and do it all—in Portland.

photo by Tonee Harbert

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