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Working in Portland

Know someone who's creative?

We know it's all about talent, getting the right people on your team. That's why Creative Portland wants to attract 10,000 people who will contribute to our economy and community.

Lucky for us, almost every day, I meet someone with the chutzpah, passion and talent who will make a great addition to this City's "je ne sais quoi"--whether they are a muralist, dancer, Web developer or scientist. Check out our profiles page to meet some of the people I'm talking about.

At the same time, I also hear from companies and organizations who are looking for "the right someone" to fill a job that requires creative skills, innovative thinking, motivation. They are often cool-sounding jobs like: digital content director, design studio assistant, chief curator or lead scientist.

Awhile back, we decided not to tackle a jobs listing and duplicate JobsinME or Monster, and instead offer a careers page where "creative professions" companies can post a description and link to their careers page: the idea being that we need to show people outside our region that real companies and opportunities do exist way up here in Vacationland.

That said, I still hear about specific opportunities that are just too intriguing to keep to myself. So, here goes: my blog about interesting job opportunites. Let me know if you like it. If so, I'll keep at it. Meanwhile, share this with anyone seeking or posting a "creative profession" position or looks like it could be, anyway. Here's a few to get you started:


Many thanks to our Lead Careers Sponsors: LLBean and Intermed

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