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Hilltop Coffee Changing Hands

In an item in the May issue of the Munjoy Hill Observer, editor Lisa Peñalver writes that Hilltop Coffee, located right next door to Rosemont Bakery on Congress Street, has found a buyer. The good news for everyone is that the buyers are Guy and Stella Hernandez, chef/proprietors of the small plate emporium Bar Lola just down the street. Their only immediate plans are to upgrade the Wi-Fi, but an infusion of Portland foodie energy seems inevitable. Why note the change of ownership? Because cafés are an important aspect of the live/work cityscape serving as defacto co-working spaces (and of course, refueling stations) for freelancers, collaborators and entrepreneurs in the creative economy. I hope to document café culture in Portland as we go forward, so please tell me your favorites, how you spend time there and what the scene is like—and please send pictures.

Photograph by Bryan Bruchman

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