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Guster's 'Easy Wonderful' Debuts at #3 on iTunes Top 10 Album Chart

guster, video still from 'do you love me?' from the album 'easy wonderful'

Guster, the acoustic alternative band co-founded by Portland resident Adam Gardner, had a big week. Their new album 'Easy Wonderful,' four years in the making, debuted at #3 on iTunes Top 10 Album Chart. What else has Adam been doing for those four years? Raising a family and raising environmental awareness among music fans in collaboration with his wife and partner Lauren Sullivan. Their non-profit organization, Reverb, helps bands "green" their tours through everything from biodiesel buses and waste reduction to fan ride sharing and environmental education at events (see profile of the them and Reverb on That Guster is still on top of their game (after working together for almost 20 years) while Adam and Lauren manage Reverb and parent their daughter, is a testament to Portland as a hospitable location for creative lives. To get the full experience, Guster will play a home-town show at the new State Theatre on Wednesday, October 27.

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