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Artist Jenny Holzer Adds Portland, Maine, to her List of Global Projection Sites

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The light you will see in the Portland sky on the night of Tuesday, December 7th, will not only be emanating from the heads of the assembled geeks at the TechMaine Annual Conference Dinner near the airport, but from an outdoor projection by New York artist Jenny Holzer, commissioned by the Portland Museum of Art. Holzer will be in town to give a lecture is the centerpiece of the 2010 Nelson Social Justice Fund Program. The Fund is celebrating a decade of programs it has enabled at the Portland Museum of Art honoring artists whose commitment to social justice is manifested in their work. The lecture is free and will be held at the Holiday Inn By the Bay, 88 Spring Street, doors open at 5:30 pm and the program will run from 6-8 pm. The projection, For Portland, is "a one-time-only site-specific projection featuring selections from the poetry of Wisława Szymborska, created by Jenny Holzer for the Portland Museum of Art," that will be projected on the front of the Museum from 7-10 pm. The Museum recommends viewing it from Congress Square. Portland will join a list of 35 cities around the world from Rome, Oslo and New York to Rio de Janiero and Singapore that have hosted her projections. Through a career of more than 30 years, Jenny Holzer has made the language around us visible—and often in a critical way. She has used the words of Wisława Szymborska, generally considered to be the most important living Polish poet and winner of the Nobel Prize, in many of her recent projections. It will be a big night in Portland. Don't miss it.

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