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Bravo! Celebrating 25 Years of Opera Maine
Photography, AV, additional diverse
Opera Maine
Lewis Gallery, Portland Public Library
Curated by Opera Maine Lewis Gallery This lively exhibition celebrates the artistry of Opera Maine, with video recordings and colorful photos from the company’s wide-ranging operas, recitals, and educational programs performed in and around Portland over the past twenty-five years. Don’t know much about opera? The basics of opera’s music, stories, and staging are displayed through models, costumes, and famous scenes of high drama, comedy and tragedy. Opera Maine will present one of Mozart’s most charming operas, The Magic Flute, at Merrill Auditorium in Portland on July 24 and 26. The exhibition introduces this beloved opera with illustrations for exotic sets and costumes dating from the years when it was first performed. The long tradition of opera in the state of Maine is reflected in famous opera divas such as Lillian Nordica, born in Farmington, who rose to international fame on stages all over the world. The exhibition showcases a collection of antique postcards highlighting some of the many opera houses that were built in cities and small towns all across the state.