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Portland Artist Relief Fund


Portland Artist Relief Fund

Powered by the people, for the people.


98 awards disbursed. Over $93,000 raised to date.


ROUND 5 is live for August disbursement.



We  expanded the Portland Artist Relief Fund to include small artist-driven businesses and venues in addtion to local artists in the gig economy. 


Our wonderful artist community appreciates your help and support. Thank you donors, for your contributions to date. Here are some testimonies from grateful recipients:


A Musician:
"Thank you so much! I really appreciate this stipend, and it means a lot to know that the broader Portland community came together to support the fund so vigorously. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all your work helping to keep us all afloat and connected, and I hope you're all doing all right wherever these weird times may find you."
A Painter:
"Please accept my most sincere gratitude for this grant. It will help me to offset the costs of maintaining my studio while my workshops are on hold temporarily. I appreciate all that you do on behalf of artists in Portland. We are so lucky to have your support. I will absolutely pay this generosity forward."
A Photographer:
"We live in a place of great compassion, resilience and innovation so I know that we will rise up above this. The support of folks like yourselves allows someone like me to continue to put art out into the world and just even pay for my gas and means to do it!"
A Printmaker: 
"Many artists like myself operate with little or no financial back-up for our practice. This Emergency fund is very helpful to enable us to stay afloat and get through to a time when we can get back on our feet. I love living and working in Portland and will continue to be part of our vibrant arts community."
A Gallery Director:
"It is incredibly meaningful to have financial help extended during this difficult time, and I am so grateful to you for providing this assistance for me, and for many other artists. My sincere belief is that the Artist Relief Fund will help get me through to the other side of the coronavirus pandemic, helping me take steps that will allow me to remain a part of the Portland arts community. Receiving this grant has helped blunt some of the fear and dislocation that comes with having opportunities and employment in the arts disappear over a short period of time. It will help me get through financially, and it also reminds me that I am part of a supportive, generous, and helpful community of creative people."
A Musician and Teacher:
"Thank you all so very much for this grant. It will make such a difference in the coming months. Since I applied for this grant over a month ago, I've had many more gigs cancelled than I even reported to you and for the time being, I'm not booking any new gigs because I'm not confident that concerts or festivals will be possible for at least a year. We're all adapting to try and find alternate revenue sources, but the fall and winter are looking pretty lean. This $500 is almost a whole month's rent for me, or more than a month's worth of groceries for me and my partner. This grant does help dispel some of the anxiety that's omnipresent for all gig workers right now. Thank you so, so much."



A fund to award stipends to eligible artists in the gig economy to help make ends meet AND a fund to hire artists to get back on their feet, following the pandemic. Click here to learn more about the fund governance