Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Stephanie Brock

I help create inspiring workplaces

Job Business Director / Red Thread

Lives In South Portland

I work with Red Thread's local customers in the Greater Portland area to help them create inspiring workplaces, healthcare spaces, and learning environments. I love running, yoga, craft beers and spending time with my daughter.

Other Portlanders

Brook DeLorme

I design & make clothing.

2° Portland Connector

Evan Carroll

I look inward at how spaces shape peoples lives and outward at how the built environment shapes society.

Kevin Thomas

Loving and publishing the Maine experience via numerous media platforms.

Willa Kammerer

I make videos for the Internet (mostly).

Mark Fleming

Making a living one click of the shutter at a time.

David William Turner

I am a freelance writer and video producer

Oliver Griswold

I do up a strong, human, mission-driven brand.

Andrew Foster

2.8 & VSCO = Pro

Stacey Cramp

I bring art to editorial photography.

Heather Anne Wright

Technical and creative problem solver for the scientific community

Anna Patterson

Living in a world of words.

Ned Donovan

I am an Actor/Fight Director originally from Portland, now living in NYC