Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Gibson Fay-LeBlanc

I write stories and teach writing.

Torin Peterson

I help get more K-12 heroes into schools.

Angelina Campbell

Poster child for 20-somethings in Portland.

Ashley Halsey

I make art, design books and think creatively.

2° Portland Connector

Sarah Delisle

I help people find their space and place.

Jess Lauren Lipton

I solve Portland's creative problems by day and push the boundaries of pop art by night.

2° Portland Connector

Arthur Fink

Photographing the energy of dance; Helping nonprofits with mission, governance, conflict, communications

Holly Seeliger

Connecting arts and advocacy in Portland!

Misty McLaughlin

I help nonprofits communicate their mission effectively, and I advocate for flexible work arrangements.

Sally Newhall

I love to create synergy: people, places, ideas, and concepts that lead to awesome events!

Sean Sullivan

I connect people to one another, organizations, and ideas.

Erin Smith

I make stuff with and for others.

2° Portland Connector

Colleen Edwards

I twirl for a living, what more could there be?

2° Portland Connector

Zeke Callanan

I help motivated people and companies move confidently toward their goals.

Kerry Ensinger

I like creating images, telling stories, eating desserts, and helping people along the way. I also like boats.

John Elliott

I enrich lives through music.

Brian Danz

I help people use technology to enrich and simplify their lives. I also ride bikes. A lot.

Lauren Webster

cocktails for good causes; parties with purpose

2° Portland Connector

Jennifer Hutchins

I promote and support Portland's creative economy

Samantha Piro

Determined to always marvel at the beauty of the Eastern Prom

Alice Kornhauser

I inform, inspire and influence in support of my community, with a special soft spot for the arts.

Caitlin Brooke

Proponent of Good Vibes

Meghan K Quinn

I talk up the things I love.

Karla Wheaton

I help Maine families

Audrey Hotchkiss

Building community through art and language

Ashleigh Burskey

I create content, strategy and enthusiasm for art and design.

Patrick Roche

I design and build creative work spaces.

William Hessian

The canvas killer who plans to predict the future with his artwork

Andrew Griswold

I help kids find their voice and share their good work.

Simon Williams

I like to teach kids the tools to live a healthy and happy life.

Elise Margate

I help restaurants increase their bottom line


I connect people with their own history and help build strong communities.

Nat May

I like meeting people with new ideas.

Tina Lewis

I help people create unforgettable experiences, and make it rain on non-profits.

Rachael Harkness

Arts & Culture for everyone

Tracy Michaud Stutzman

I use community to teach students how to think

Jessica Skwire Routhier

Word person. Museum person.

Sam White

I am an educator dedicated to youth development and building healthy communities.

Jenny McGee Dougherty

I make art and help others do the same.

Susan Conley

I teach story writing throughout Greater Portland and connect published authors with student writers.

Jeff Shaw

I teach kids how to rock

Tyler Kidder

I collaborate with students, staff, faculty, and the community to make and keep USM environmentally sustainable

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