Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Nichole Donovan

I bake, I make art, I sew, and I play video games.

Job Artist, Craftist, Textile Artist, Baker

Lives In The Woodfords

My boyfriend and I moved to Portland about 2 months ago.  I love walking down Congress and window shopping, visiting bookstores, and bar hopping in the Old Port.  We are regulars at Bull Feeney's! I have worked in South Portland for the past 3 years, but recently decided to focus my energies on creating an art portfolio and trying to make a living selling my art, crafts, and baked goods. 

I endeavor to be part of the art scene in Portland, but am having a bit of trouble finding my place among the many many other artists here.  I am young and I just want to enjoy life, become involved in the community, and find as many outlets for my creativity as possible.

Why did you choose Portland? The atmosphere, shops, and arts.

What's the most surprising thing about this city? How poverty and happiness can coexist.

Describe your perfect night—and the following morning—in Portland. Grabbing a burger at Five Guys, seeing a movie at the Nick, and grabbing a drink afterwards at Bull Feeney's.

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