Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Marc Sirois

Creative soul with passion for technology, food, and the arts

Job IT Professional

Lives In South Portland

One of many passions for me has been technology. It started as a hobby and turned into a career. A career which I love. I'm slowly reinventing myself. My other passion has been photography. People tell me I take great photos. I've started to take these photos and process them on the computer to make them even more impressive and visually appealing images. When I put these images onto canvas, they pop. I love taking photos of Portland, the coast and all that Maine has to offer. 

Portland is an awesome place to be. I love the restaurants, the energy and the multitude of things to do. You can hop on the ferry to Peaks Island, go for walks downtown enjoying the shops, or take a short drive to the mountains for a hike. 

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