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Kevin Thomas

Loving and publishing the Maine experience via numerous media platforms.

Job Publisher / Maine magazine and more

Lives In Littlejohn Island

Raised in the County, my Maine roots run deep. After living away for 15 years, I returned to Maine in 2003. After creating a construction business in Kennebunkport, I turned my attention to magazines. I now collaborate with creatives - writers, photographers, editors, art directors, and artists - to tell stories about living and working in Maine. Along with a team of 30+ full-time colleagues, we look at Maine through a positive lens and highlight the best of what we find. We publish three magazines, and several annual guides. We produce a weekly radio show, three Maine themed websites, and manage over 20 social media sites. Our events range from Portland First Friday Art Walk gatherings to the week-long Kennebunkport Festival. When not working, I'm exploring Maine, meeting people, checking out restaurants, and filling notebooks full of ideas for future editorial. I truly love this state and am staggered by our unrealized potential. 

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