Portland, Maine

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Kevin St. Jarre

I am a writer and I oil paint. I also teach writing.

Job Author, Painter, and Instructor

Lives In Cape Elizabeth

I'm a novelist and a painter living with my fiancée and our animals in Cape Elizabeth.  I grew up in the forests of northernmost Maine (no, Millinocket is not northern Maine, it's central Maine) and now I live just outside Maine's largest city. I love both environments.  I coach soccer, love hockey, and fish but I am always desperately seeking to carve out creative time to write or paint.  I am always working on the next novel.

Why did you choose Portland? I love the art scene. The general energy here for writing and art.

Who are Portlanders you admire and why? Sara Corbett, Lewis Robinson, Tessa O'Brien, Kevin Thomas, Greta Rybus. So many more. There are so many interesting people doing amazing things.

What do you like to do with out-of-towners? Show them Ft. Williams and the Old Port.

Where's your "happy place" on the peninsula? Maybe Two Lights or Ft. Williams...or one of Portland's many coffee shops. Walking the dogs on Willard Beach.

What's the most surprising thing about this city? How tough it is to park in the summer.

What's your favorite indulgence and where do you find it? I love 5 Guys. I just do. Probably too mainstream to be cool for most, but it tastes good, so there.

What's the most under-appreciated place or thing in town? Omi's Coffee Shop on Brackett Street.

Describe your perfect night—and the following morning—in Portland. Nice dinner on a First Friday Art Walk night, followed by a reading at Longfellow Books. Maybe a few at The Snug.

Do you have a serendipity spot? Where do you always bump into good people? Portland Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings.

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