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James Cradock

I don't believe in taglines. Ask me what I think is cool.

Job Programmer, Sysadmin / Yellahoose

Lives In North Deering, works in Arts District

I was born in Massachusetts. I grew up in Mass. and in Virginia. I lived in Chicago and became a Chicagoan, and to the horror of my brother (he's one of those Red Sox fans whose fandom is religious) I think Wrigley Field is a better place to watch a baseball game than that place behind Kenmore Square. I'm not a sports person. I like programming and technology to solve problems. I enjoy using writing and art to see how I'm living, and how I can live better. I think all music starts from The Beatles. I'm a father. I want to ride on a motorcycle with a sidecar through Eastern Europe with my son. I don't know how to ride a motorcycle, but learning is part of life. 

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