Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Matthew Robbins

Picture taker of awesome humans and things.

Sean Wilkinson

I speak for things well designed.

Dominic D'Alessio III

I make things with my arms.

2° Portland Connector

Andrew Burke PE

I work to achieve energy upgrades for people, places, and things.

Samuel Strickland

I design, build & teach the web to enrich lives & businesses.

Rebecca Falzano

I write about Maine's beautiful spaces and talented makers.

Hugh McCormick

Can be found outside or designing ... or designing outside.

Torey Penrod-Cambra

I create demand gen for industrial technology

Nance Trueworthy

Specializing in capturing great faces and famous places


In the world of Entertainment, I am the man behind the scenes that makes things happen.

Shannon Colón

Visual Communicator

Heather Chontos

Art and Design Consultant

Matthew Scheumann

I work and play and design things along the way.

Peter Weed

I help tell good stories with words and pictures.

Matthew A. K. Smith

I design & build fast, responsive websites.

Patrick Roche

I design and build creative work spaces.

Alexander Bertoni

I make corporate stories... human.

Seth Storey

I work for the internet

2° Portland Connector

Christopher Hughes

I construct nightlife experiences, then I relax. ^___^

Matthew Taylor

I am a menace around town.

Kelsey Raymond

I create, code, and bring ideas to life

Erin Flett

Graphic, Textile, Surface Designer

Jennifer Kosinchuk

I provide enlightenment of the senses with essential oils, herbs, flowers and fine art.

Dave Avis

I push pixels around. A complete bully.

Erin Smith

I make stuff with and for others.

Kelin Welborn

I create the visuals

Peter M. Clark

Designer & illustrator who keeps exploring

Natalya DeSena

Always be a beginner at something

Steve Cooley

Always searching for the subtext. But sometimes Freud had it right.

Sarah Lapine

I design unique floral arrangements for special events and the everyday.

Bryan Wiggins

I use my twin identity as an artist and writer to create work for commercial and editorial clients.

Rick Dennen

I live to paint abstract watercolors.

Audra Lynn Bayette Sinclair

I help teams create and publish content and stories on the internet

2° Portland Connector

Kimberly Convery

Everyday I try to find a new possibilities

Fred McClelland

Finding the beauty of design in all things is what I am about.

Amanda Gagnon

I enjoy finding unique ways to share my visions

Caitlin Cameron

What is one thing you would improve about where you live?

Johanna Moore

I make things and I fix things

Mike Gorman

Local Illustrator and Painter

Anna Patterson

My days are spent selling beautiful things, and at night I sing songs.

Sofija Razgaitis

In love with design + all things creative

Katie B

Fantabulous Graphic Designer

Michael Henderson

Media professional - Operations and Production Management

Milan Nevajda

I support community building and creativity

Irina Skornyakova

I am an adventurer and art maker

Liza Kelley

Co-Founder and Lead Designer at Talley-O Design

Geoff Keating

I add logic to the chaotic world of marketing.

Megan Hevenor

I make flower arrangements with Maine goodies.

Martha LaMarche

I daydream and I create... painting, writing poetry, Maine and Portland are passions. I enjoy stories do you have a story to share?

Arielle Walrath

In search of beauty, order and function.

Theodora Medouris Hartford

I offer various creative services + specialize in graphic design.

Emmie Michaud

Optimizing and Designing Portland


I transform your vision into effective digital content through the use of interactive web, video and mobile solutions

Sam Mateosian

Hacking Portland for fun and profit

Sarah Goodwin

Creative, detail infused occasions

Angela Lee Smith

Madly in love with creating vector art and design.

Thomas Puckett

I implore you all, please let me continue to flower in my obscurity.

Vanessa Helmick

I create sanctuary

Samantha Haedrich

Designer & Educator

Becky McKinnell

Hand crafted websites from the waterfront of Portland, Maine!

Christine Morgan

Life is a colorful palette, giving a creative sixth sense to looking at the world around us.


I build brands that catch fire

Luciana Grimaldi

Clothing designer. Life Lover. World Explorer.

Frances Buerkens

I show the world who YOU are - photos, websites, newsletters, brochures!

Patrick Kenney

I help people turn great ideas into great digital experiences.

Eliza Jane Curtis

I work with colors and shapes, patterns, paper and scissors, odds and ends.

Jessie Lacey

Visual arts & thoughtful, responsive design

Brook DeLorme

I design & make clothing.

Gordon Holman

Building inspired custom websites, animation & logo design in Portland since 2002.

Sophie Cangelosi

Making images on paper, pixels, video, walls, and just about anything under the sun.

Jung Hur

I am a painter from Korea via NYC and a restaurant owner in Portland

Nathan O'Leary

Helping businesses and startups drive online growth through inbound marketing

Trey Allen

I wear many hats; figuratively and literally.

Ashleigh Burskey

I create content, strategy and enthusiasm for art and design.

David Addison

I employ creatives and together we build marketing platforms for ski mountains...

Tessa O'Brien

I paint on walls, wood, canvas, and paper.

Craig Casey

I am a brand architect helping companies connect to their customers.

Joe Rosshirt

I make things for kids.

Stephanie Brock

I help create inspiring workplaces

Raffi Der Simonian

I facilitate professional synergies while crafting and delivering strategic messages.

Ian Marquis

I make things. Sometimes practical. Sometimes beautiful. Always interesting.

Katheryn Casale

I design and make clothes, prints, and graphics.

Kevin Brooks

I'm a web developer who speaks design.

Anna Jakubik

Live everyday like a princess.

Jessica Beebe

I take the expected and make it unexpected.

Lee Lohrmann

I put faces to names

Ashley Halsey

I make art, design books and think creatively.

Don Marietta

I design, illustrate, consult, and teach. I also shoot poets, punks, and metalheads.

Dean Merrill

manipulator of light

Adam Burk

I make space for new perspectives

Kanya Zillmer

I push pixels while doing cartwheels.

Ed Buonvecchio

I paint, design and make.

2° Portland Connector

Ellen Kanner

I rebuild the Web while sipping and serving sencha.

Allen West

There are things that haven't been done before. I'm picking them off one by one.

Jamie Mercurio

I'm a visual virtuoso.

Rob Landry

Setting the standard for web from Portland

Laurie Spugnardi

Sometimes words. Sometimes images. Always creating.

Sanford Fogg

I am a lighting designer and own a lighting showroom.

Michelle Souliere

Making a living from curiosity.

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