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Chris J Gauthier

story producer

Job producer | writer | editor

Lives In Rosemont

Content producer. Journalist. Editor. Dairy farmer. Multimedia storyteller. 

A story doesn't have to be dramatic to be compelling. 

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I believe in the power of storytelling.

Jessica Beebe

I take the expected and make it unexpected.

Sonya Tomlinson

Rapper turned teaching artist with the goal of keeping the performing arts alive for the youth of Portland.

Brian Fitzgerald

I tell stories visually.

Arielle Walrath

In search of beauty, order and function.

Lisa-Marie Wood

Your Partner in Enterprise Management

2° Portland Connector

Andrew Davis

I photograph the stuff you make, and the things you do.

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I put faces to names

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I Provide Locals with Stylish Offers

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I build & grow internet companies.

Jessica Skwire Routhier

Word person. Museum person.

Susan Conley

I teach story writing throughout Greater Portland and connect published authors with student writers.