Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Ashleigh Burskey

I create content, strategy and enthusiasm for art and design.

Job Co-Founder of BUROKO / Founder of The Chart / The Arts District

Lives In The East End

It’s been almost three years since I have lived in Maine, and every day I am in awe of the intelligent, accessible, and vibrant community of forward-thinking people with whom I am surrounded.  

Whether it be at a networking event, running the Back Cove, or going for a stroll around Mackworth Island, it is evident that Portland is a place where people come to truly live.

What I do:

I am...

~ The Co-Founder of BUROKO, a boutique web design and development firm I the heart of the arts district. I love what I do!

~ Friends if Congress Square Park Programming Commitee Member, Creator/Curator of Films In The Square and a SPACE gallery volunteer.

~ A practicing mixed media artist, currently producing a series of work focused on ideas surrounding preservation and botanical illustration.

Why did you choose Portland? To obtain my master of art in teaching art education at Maine College of Art. I graduated in 2013. Having moved here from Chicago in 2012, I have found Portland to be the perfect alternative to a metropolitan setting.

What do you like to do with out-of-towners? Picnic excursion to Two Lights. Walk around the Old Port. Rosemont Market & Bakery picnic on Eastern Prom. Drive up Route 1.

Where's your "happy place" on the peninsula? Eastern Promenade Trails

What's the most surprising thing about this city? How many innovative people live here ... and how easy it is to connect with each and every one of them. The community here is tightly knit, but not bound.

What's your favorite indulgence and where do you find it? Blueberry pie from Two Fat Cats Bakery. Fried oyster buns from Even Tide Oyster Co. Ramen from Pai Men Miyake. Beer from Bunker Brewery. 10 oz. latte from Bard. Red's in South Portland. Chocolate Malt from Beal's. Espresso from Speckled Axe.

What's the most under-appreciated place or thing in town? Maine College of Art's library. Did you know that they house the Portland Museum of Art's book collection and that it's open to the public?

Describe your perfect night—and the following morning—in Portland. Way too many possibilities to list. If it includes a walk around the city and dinner out at one of Portland's fantastic restaurants, done deal.

Do you have a serendipity spot? Where do you always bump into good people? SPACE Gallery, Speckled Axe and LFK

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