Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Arthur A. Page

Mostly Harmless.

Job Operations specialist / Video production / Rock climber

Lives In Nason's Corner

Though it is true my name is Arthur Page, the rumors are greatly exaggerated. I have never been to Las Vegas anyways. 

Why did you choose Portland? It's is the center of Maine's cultural, political, and technological revolution. This city is the San Francisco of Maine without the price tag.

Who are Portlanders you admire and why? Walkers and bikers that ditch their cars and take in the concrete. In this city, that takes some gall.

What do you like to do with out-of-towners? We run our guest room like a b&h with all the people that like to visit Portland. We stock the shelves with travel toothpaste and extra phone chargers. All we're missing is a sassy front desk. Once checked in, we hop into a few local restaurants to let them know we mean business. Then we take our coffee in the Old Port. If time allows, maybe a trip over the bridge to SoPo for a look at Portland from the other side.

Where's your "happy place" on the peninsula? That's a toss up between a window seat at the front room and a window seat at Crema Cafe.

What's the most surprising thing about this city? How much great food there is. You have to try hard to find a bad meal. Also, people make eye contact, normal people not just the crazies like in Boston or NYC.

What's your favorite indulgence and where do you find it? Maple Latte at Crema.

What's the most under-appreciated place or thing in town? This city is so walkable. It is pedestrian friendly. You can get almost any where by foot or bike. There is a great network of paths stating with Back Cove. Back cove is a great walk, ride, or drive anytime of day or year.

Describe your perfect night—and the following morning—in Portland. A warm Summer night walking from Congress to the Old Port with the dog and waking up to a cool sea breeze and an espresso.

Do you have a serendipity spot? Where do you always bump into good people? Green Drinks, always see someone I know at Green Drinks.

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