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Friends of the Eastern Promenade: New Website and Lots of News on the East End

friends of the eastern promenade website, portland, maine

Whenever I'm showing people around Portland, I always make sure to take them to the Eastern Promenade. It's a breathtaking landscape feature that is made even more remarkable by the fact that most East Enders experience it daily. The combination of Portland Trails and Friends of the Eastern Promenade assure that people here use the Promenade and Fort Allen Park for their exercise routines, play dates for their kids and dogs and all kinds of special occasions—most spectacularly on July 4th. Yesterday, Friends of the Eastern Prom launched a new website with plans to build out its membership and fund raising functions. To start, the new site will make it easier for them to remind people about upcoming events. Got a gorgeous backyard garden in the neighborhood? There's a link to be part of this summer's Hidden Gardens of Munjoy Hill tour. Want to find out about “The International Appalachian Trail: Maine to Morocco”? There's a presentation next Sunday at the St. Lawrence Arts Center. Want to enter the Snowman Adventure Race to raise money for Portland Trails? They tell you where to register. Want to thank former Portland Mayor James Phinney Baxter for this and many of the other great views in town? Friends of the Eastern Promenade and the Maine Historical Society are throwing him a 180th birthday party. Plus they have links to everything from the Eastern Prom Dog Map & Etiquette to Portland Community Rowing. And speaking of the East End, the former Norm's Barbecue on 47 Middle Street is now the home of East Ender, a casual wine and beer bar with a small and unpretentious menu of well-crafted locavore fare and, as a review by Ned Swain on his Wines; Tasted! blog suggests, gentle prices. Lots more good reasons to go (down) east young man—and woman!

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